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English Conversation Practice

Why is English Conversation Practice Important?

 Those of us who are 25 years old and older have learned a language in school. However, we only focused on reading, writing, and grammar. If you had the opportunity to do listening practice, it was probably with a CD, and you did not have much speaking practice with a native speaker.

So when you have the chance to have a conversation in English, you are most likely very nervous or scared to make mistakes. But, I'm here to tell you. IT'S OKAY to make mistakes. Even when you are scared to speak, take a risk and speak. When speaking out loud with a friend or a teacher is the time when you are finally able to correct your mistakes so that you can speak English confidently.

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Why is English Conversation Practice Important?

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English Conversation Practice allows you to see a few things. First, you can know how many vocabulary words you know. Second, if you can use grammar correctly like a native speaker. Last but not least, you can see whether or not you are pronouncing words for native speakers to understand you. With that said, if you are looking for a teacher that feels like a friend, who is patient, funny, and kind, click the link below and book a conversation and practice speaking English with me today. 

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