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Everyday English Practice

                 Be more independent!

Finally speak English confidently in public places, friends, and more! 

At CCC Emerald & Co, we offer conversational English services to help you speak English with native speakers.

 Teacher Jasmin will let you speak freely and help you say exactly what you want to say in English. 

Business English 

Job Interview Prep

Practice Speaking English

with a Native Speaker

           Get ready for that interview

At CCC Emerald & Co, we offer business English services to help you speak English confidently at the workplace and with your customers. Teacher Jasmin will work with you to develop a personalized study plan that fits your needs.

At CCC Emerald & Co, we offer Job interview prep services to help you get the job of your dreams and feel confident during the interview.

Teacher Jasmin will ask you all questions that you may be asked during the interview and will help you answer them with ease.

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Our Mission

At CCC Emerald & Co, my mission is to help you achieve your language goals. I'm passionate about teaching and are committed to helping you improve your language skills. I believe that everyone has the potential to speak English confidently and will support you every step of the way.

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