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A Passion for Teaching





Jasmin Lewis Pierre, the Co-founder, and Owner of CCC Emerald & Company: has been teaching from the age of 6. She has been teaching her grandmother how to use every tech she has bought since 2001 until today. Jasmin also taught herself how to play the flute and then went on to teach elementary school students how to play the flute, too.


She has seven years of teaching experience, teaching students from the ages of 3 to 66. She loves helping students young and old, not only to learn languages, but she loves helping them to BELIEVE in themselves.

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CCC Emerald & Company. Jasmin Lewis Pierre was born in Queens, New York. To a Carribean-American Mother and Haitian Father.  Jasmin was destined for greatness by family and friends making sure she was well educated. In kindergarten, she learned beginner Spanish. From 2005 to 2009 she lived and went to middle school in Long Island, New York.  In June 2009, she moved to Margate, Florida with her mother where she attended Coconut Creek high school. In 2011, she was encouraged by her math teacher to study Chinese and she listened!


This motivated her to study abroad in China. She received a scholarship to go to China for 6 months which then turned into her receiving a 4-year scholarship to get her Bachelor's Degree in Teaching Chinese.  Studying Chinese in China opened her eyes to how to truly learn a language at the age of 21 (an adult). While in China, she started helping her Chinese friends to speak English. She then knew WITHOUT A DOUBT that she wanted to change the way that adults learned languages, especially English and Chinese. In 2021, she graduated from Jiangsu Normal University. She then got certified to teach English and in 2022 she decided to start her language teaching business CCC Language Learning.

Now in 2023, she is expanding her company which will now be known as CCC Emerald & Company. CCC stands for Cool, Calm, and Confident this name comes from her father Roger Pierre's clothing line Triple CCC (Crazy, Cool, and Confident). 

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