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How do you learn English At home?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Find a Language Coach- Ask Jasmin for Help

Traditional English classes are “one size fits all", tend to be boring, and are not enough to learn the English language correctly, surely you have already been through that.

A mentor is necessary to provide you with personalized support, someone who uses English every day, who also creates a teaching plan tailored to you, and who understands how the language is used on a daily basis.

A language coach analyzes your real needs and focuses on polishing the parts of the language that you need the most help with and that you want to focus on, be it for work, study, or social activities. In addition, it gives you the confidence and security to continue advancing in your English language learning journey.

I am a native English speaker; I was born in New York and currently live in Florida and I can help you learn American idioms and accents. As well as I can help and accompany during your English language learning journey.

You can book a consultation with me from here.

Go step by step – set realistic goals

Do not pretend to know everything in a short time, if you set very high goals you can end up getting frustrated and abandoning your studies.

It is better to first analyze what language skills that you have and start from there, little by little, then every month we can evaluate how your progress is going.

Find study Partners

Trust me, you have to talk to someone continuously in English to really learn it.

Look among your friends for those who are learning, as well as arrange a time with them to have conversations in the language.

You can go to an English club in your city or create one if it does not exist and invite some people who may be interested.

Social media and forums are places where you can find people who can become your study partners. In fact, Facebook has many learning English groups, where you can participate and find many people to practice with.

Read in English

Reading is important to learn English; books, magazines, newspapers, information on the internet, and blogs, everything that falls into your hands that has English will help you become familiar with the language and how words and phrases are written.

Listen to English in every possible way, Music, movies and the internet

Listen to music in English, movies on the Internet, YouTube videos, and social networks in English

Constantly listen to English to familiarize yourself with how words sound and how they are pronounced correctly.

Change to the English language of your computer and cell phone

Nothing you use more every day than your phone and desktop computer, if you set them to English, you will be working hard to understand words and instructions in this language.

Learn from the culture

Learning a language is not only about words and vocabulary. Getting to know the people who live there and their customs and way of thinking will help you communicate better.

Let me know in the comments below how do you study English at home?

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