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How to Learn English with a Language Coach? Is it convenient or not?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

First, we need to define what a coach is. A coach is a sports term that refers to someone that trains you for a game, such as a football coach, basketball coach, soccer coach, etc...

Currently, we use this term to refer to professionals specialized in certain areas, who help people achieve their professional or educational goals.

The job of a coach is to evaluate you, determines your strengths and weaknesses, and creates an action plan according to your objectives and goals.

And throughout this process, he or she is by your side, encourages you, and gives you what you need while you achieve your results.

Why should you have Language Coach to Learn English?

• Well, you have already been trying to learn English, you have tried FOR YEARS, you have attended courses, and group classes, you have tried on your own, but you still haven't reached the level you want.

• You have lost the motivation and confidence to continue learning the language and you know that doing so would be an important achievement in your professional and personal life.

• You feel that you are not able to have the necessary fluency to speak the language or carry on a conversation in English.

• The people who taught you were probably good teachers, but they were not native or near native speakers and there might have been mistakes in how they taught you the pronunciation of words.

The Benefits of Learning English with a Language Coach

• First, your coach will start with an analysis of your current language level and you will progress according to your abilities.

• Then, your coach will provide you a tailored plan that includes motivation, building confidence, and increasing your self-esteem in the process while learning English.

• Also, Your coach will eliminate the mental blocks that prevent you from speaking and learning the language.

• Last but not least, you will be guided in practical and effective ways different from traditional English learning methods.

Learning English with the Traditional Method Vs. Learning with a Language Coach

The Traditional Method of Learning English

• The teaching material is the same for ALL STUDENTS, without taking into account each student's individual needs.

• It is not a flexible method, that could be changed on the fly (instantly).

• It is impersonal.

• Does not include the emotional aspect of the participant.

Learning English with a

Language Coach

• From the beginning, the coach will assess your current situation in handling the language and will coordinate a plan tailored to your needs and objectives.

• The learning plan can be modified along the way, according to your progress, needs, evaluation, and agreement between the coach and the student.

• It is much more than a course, it is an accompaniment on a journey of learning the language and oneself.

• Lastly, your coach will continuously focus on building up the confidence and improving the self-esteem of the student. The emotional aspect is very important for the student to achieve great results and feel motivated.

Hello CCC Language Learners,

My name is Jasmin Lewis Pierre and I have been teaching English for more than 6 years now.

My goal is for you NOT to be afraid of speaking English but to have confidence when speaking with ANYONE. If you are ready to face your fears of making mistakes and speak

English at work, with friends, while traveling, or for a job interview. Book a 25-minute class with me today.

Comment below, how long have you been learning English? And are you interested in working with me as your language coach?

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