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How to learn English by watching American movies and series?

Updated: Mar 1

How to learn English by watching American movies and series

Do you want to learn to speak English, but you don't have someone to practice it with?

An excellent way to learn English is by watching American or English movies or TV series in their original language with subtitles.

Why is it difficult for us to watch movies and series in English?

Yes, I know that in many Latin American countries or in Spain, people there prefer watching movies or television series translated into Spanish because they have already become accustomed to voices dubbed in Spanish and it is very easy for them to watch movies in this way.

learn english while watching movies

On the contrary, the majority of the Spanish-speaking population find it difficult to watch a movie in English with subtitles, some feel that they miss scenes in the movies because they are reading the subtitles or they are not able to follow the plot of the story because they have to divide their attention between the movie and the texts from the subtitles.

Why does watching American or English movies in their original language help English language learners?

learn new words and phrases while  watching movies

· You will get used to listening to English words and phrases and how they are pronounced correctly.

· You will learn new words and phrases all the time.

· You will become familiar with using common phrases in different contexts.

· Put the subtitles in your language so that you can associate with what you are hearing along with the English words and phrases from the movie or show.

· Pay close attention to how words sound in English.

· Observe how they position their mouths, tongue, and lips to pronounce certain words.

· Little by little, practice not using subtitles, just listen and try to understand the conversation. If you do this consistently, you will find that you can understand more of the conversation each time.

· If you find words that you don't know in the dialogues, pause the movie or show write the word down and repeat it several times, if you still can't identify them, search for the meaning of the words on Google Translate and write it down on a notepad so you can review it several times.

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